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Our sustainability policy

Sustainability & Environmental Impact Policy

Over the past 10 years and through our own research we have noticed how the excessive packaging of both products and shipped items is an issue for the environment and we feel that all businesses, including online retailers need to do more to reduce their impact on the environment.

Living in such a beautiful unspoiled country inspires us to do more and we strive to have as minimal impact on the environment as possible. We now have a sustainability policy in place and have made major in roads to reduce our packaging on products, shipping packaging, wastage and more. You will also find the vast majority of the products on our website will last for many years to come and are not cheap throw away items which we see all too often in the gift industry.

As part of our sustainability policy we have significantly reduced the amount of packaging our products use and have taken the following steps to achieve this:

• We have eliminated a large amount of packaging from the manufacturing and product packing process. This means your package will not arrive with any polystyrene unless we are recycling and re-using polystyrene that has already come in to our business via 3rd party businesses. Your products will also come in plain card packaging to reduce the impact of inks and the printing process on the environments.

• Any bubble wrapping used to protect your items whilst being shipped are also made from 30% recyclable materials and are 100% recyclable or is bubble wrapping we are reusing from shipments that have come in to our business from 3rd parties. Any recyclable bubble wrapping will be green in colour and we encourage you to either reuse where possible or place in a soft plastic recycling bin once finished with, these are located at most supermarkets.

• We use NZ Post Courier Post service for all our deliveries and they also have a sustainability policy in place and take steps to minimise their impact on the environment.

• We actively source products from companies with sustainability as a focus i.e. all Acacia wood products are sources from manufacturers that only use sustainable forests.

• Our laser engraving machines do not use any chemicals unlike older or cheaper models available on the market.

• Any recyclable materials that come in to our business are either re-used or disposed of at recycling centers and not thrown in to a commercial general waste bin.

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